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If you hold a sea glass ring to your ear, do you hear the ocean?

Dropped off cool new stuff Consign and Design Inc and heArt Market! Rings made of Scottish Sea Glass - apparently Scotland is famous for Beach/Sea Glass! Who knew? Well, obviously some people in Scotland did - and they sold me some of their famous glass. It seems that the currents in the Atlantic toss a lot of amazing stuff on the shores of Scotland. Some of the beach porcelain they have found on their shores is fragments of designs that have not been made for hundreds of years! Who knows where that bit of glass or porcelain has been, or what's it's seen! ... if it had eyes, consciousness, etc. ... you know what I mean! Anyway, all I care about is it is beautiful and just seems to almost smell of the ocean. Wonderful! Some druzy pyrite rings - amazing texture to the stone! I also have dropped off some great presents for Mother's Day or graduation. Charm necklaces! The charm holder is still open so you can add more charms to it, but the piece already contains the following stones and a little card explaining the meaning:

Heart Charm - for love Turquoise - for protection and memories Smoky Quartz - to take away your sorrows Labradorite - for healing Amethyst - for safe travels Rock Quartz - a link to loved ones no longer with us

I'll post some stone stories later this week - explaining where those meanings came from. Watch this space!

Message in a Necklace

Sea Glass on Sea Glass

Pyrite Ammonite Ring... ite

Scottish sea glass ring

Message in a necklace

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