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About Me:

Molding the Maker

With a whimsical heart, an undying passion for making quality art, unique creations, and an extremely curious bent, I hope you will enjoy what I create as much as I enjoy creating. Take a look through the site and see what I've done and what I've learned.  Please feel free to email me with any questions!  I love questions!  Sometimes I even answer them truthfully ;).  
Have a wonderful day.  Create something new!

A little bit of my history

The daughter of an artist and in a family of artists, I've drawn, colored, cut, pasted, whittled, sculpted, soldered, molded, knotted, painted, and created from whatever was available for as long as I can remember.  I started making jewelry when I was 10.  A life long lover of sparkly things, this is a dangerous pastime for me ;) !

I named my company Dream Follower.  Why?  Our lives get so busy and we hustle just to get through our daily chore list.  I came to a time in my life when I realized that I still had dreams I wanted to follow and needed to prioritize them if they were ever to be.  Hence, Dream Follower.  Follow your Dreams, they know the way.

I am a lifelong artist.  I studied Art at Mesa State University in Grand Junction, Colorado, and have continued my studies with different classes; some taught by other artists, some at Bemis School of Art in Colorado Springs and at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  I’ve enjoyed classes in Sculpture, Metalsmithing, Drawing, Painting, Human Anatomy, ceramics, & raku, in addition to many others.

My Philosophy

Coming from a family of miners, I believe in using fair trade stones and metal - the miners risking their lives should be paid a fair wage.  In my family “cowboy” is not only a noun, but a verb and a job description!  Living close to the land has given me a deep respect for nature and for good stewardship of this planet.  I used recycled metal and try to limit my footprint.  I get my inspiration from nature and science and love to share what I’ve learned - and learn new things!! I’m always learning something!  It one of life’s great joys.

Jewelry is like clothing; it should be comfortable!  I would like every piece of my jewelry to become a beloved heirloom - not because it is too precious to wear and has been sitting in a safe for years, but because it is so enjoyed and worn so often by someone you care about that it becomes part of your memory of a special person

Mesa State College, Grand Jct, CO

Fine Arts Major

Metal smithing, Drawing, Art History, Ceramics, Sculpture, Human Anatomy

Bemis School of Art

2007 to Current

Sculpture, Ceramics, Wheel Throwing, Microtorch Metalsmithing, Resin Jewelry

Instructor:  2023 to present

Big Valley Studio Tour

2016 to Present

Just a little neighborhood Studio Tour that Wendy Iaconis (WLR) Pottery cooked up to create a local shopping experience near holidays like Mother's Day and Christmas.  Watch this space for dates!  Click on the link below for more information about my partner in crime, Wendy!

Pikes Peak Studio Tour

2012 to 2017

Art Jewelry

Art All Around Studio Tour

2022 to Present

We all missed a city wide Studio Tour after the Pikes Peak Studio Tour ended, so Shannon Mello dreamed up a new an improved version!  More artists, more studios and twice a year!

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