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What do artists do when they are not working?

People have asked me if Art to an artist is a sometime thing? Since it's my business too, is that the only time I do art? How does that work? Well, here's an answer in pictures:

The first two are what an artist does on vacation. Sometimes we rescue things from Goodwill ... and being a good little artist, we can't leave them alone! The middle two are what an artist does when on retreat (go Ghost Ranch!). Some people, I have heard, actually go to things called "spas" when they go on retreat... Artists ... we go to New Mexico in mid July, hang out in buildings with no air conditioning, and then get all excited to stand next to a thousands of degrees kiln to do Raku.... That explains soooo much ;) . And the last two ... that's what an artist does when they are supposed to be doing other things ... like making jewelry for shows :).