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When good art goes bad!!!!!!

Some of you have asked what I do... Cue scary music... When soldering goes bad?!? Well, since it never happens to me... Okay, rarely happens to me... Okayyyyyy. Since it happens on a regular basis.. especially when I'm trying something new, I may have a few examples around. Sometimes, it's a happy accident. The piece may not turn out how I wanted, but sometimes it's way cooler. Sometimes I can fix things. A little heat to melt the solder again. Pull the piece apart while the solder is melted and flowing. Clean it up. Put it back together. As you can probably guess, this is a lot of work and therefore not my favorite. And a lot of the time, you get done and you realize that in the time it took you to fix it... You could have made two more pieces that were just right.... When this happens you may get cranky... Heck, when things go wrong the first time... You will probably get cranky! In that case, when solder gives you lemons... Make water casting. Just melt those evil things down and throw them in a bucket of water. Just like the wicked witch... Kind of. You heat your leftover silver to glowing red hot and drop the glowing metal in a bucket of water. You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit. Sometime, I'll post some pictures of a water casting. For now, here's today's pic. The rings on the left are bad little rings who didn't do what I wanted then to. The cool shapes on the right are water castings just waiting to be turned into something cool, like the second pic. When life gives you lemons? Heat them to 1,763 degrees and drop 'em in a bucket of water. That'll show 'em!

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